About PlanYourLifespan.org

Are you ready for your 70s, 80s, and 90s? People plan for a lot of things throughout their lifespan such as buying a home, vacations, retirement, and even planning for end of life events such as funerals.

But what about the years in between when older adults may start to experience health events and may need more support at home? Have you ever thought about what may happen if your memory worsens, or you are hospitalized and cannot return home without help? Often, caregivers, family and friends are left to react to an emergency and older adults are left out of the decisions, leaving them without a voice in their future.

Created by an interdisciplinary team of geriatricians, older adults, senior community groups, nurses, social workers, aging services and communications experts, PlanYourLifespan.org is a free, online tool that helps older adults and their loved ones plan for health events such as hospitalizations, falls, and memory loss that may happen as people get older and ultimately may impact their ability to stay safely in their own homes.

Users can learn valuable information, connect to local resources, and easily update and share their plans with family and friends.