FAQs From Community Groups

We often receive questions from organizations and groups that would like to share PlanYourLifespan.org with their communities.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions and responses in case these come up as you are disseminating PlanYourLifespan.org.

  1. Can I link to PlanYourLifespan.org from my website?

Yes, feel free to link to PlanYourLifespan.org from your website. We love to know how people are sharing this tool, so please let us know if you do link to our site – we’d appreciate it!

  1. Do I have to inform anyone that I’m disseminating/sharing PlanYourLifespan.org with others?

We’d love to hear about your successes and interest in our project. Please email us at planyourlifespan@northwestern.edu.

  1. How can I get PlanYourLifespan.org materials (e.g. handouts, slides, cards) to share? Are the materials free?

We have a limited number of website materials available for distribution free of charge. Please contact us at planyourlifespan@northwestern.edu with any requests and/or questions. Otherwise, check the Tools & Resources tab which includes resources that are available for you to download and print at no cost.

  1. When I talk to people about PlanYourLifespan.org, they ask me questions such as, “Is the website secure”? or “Does it cost money?” How should I respond?

Please check the Tools & Resources tab and review the FAQs resource which includes several frequently asked questions and our responses to these questions. If you do not find the answers to any questions you receive on this list, please feel free to contact us at planyourlifespan@northwestern.edu and we will do our best to answer them.

  1. I love what you’re doing, how can I get more involved?

We are always looking for new partners and organizations to collaborate with on new projects, research ideas, and community events. Please reach out to us at planyourlifespan@northwestern.edu !