Leverage Social Networks

In order to help identify your contacts and who may be a good audience for you to connect with to share PlanYourLifespan.org, consider going through this social networking activity.

Step 1: Think about the people you know.

Who are the people you see every day? Once a week? Every few months?

If you get stuck & need help, think about where you go in a week or places that you frequent:

Who do you meet or see at these places?

Examples: Work – prior or current co-workers, Church, Community group, Shared activity (e.g. golf, craft, dance, swimming)


Step 2: Consider who they may know.

Step 3: Determine who would have the most contacts or connections to others who could use this information (PlanYourLifespan.org)?


Step 4: Consider any overlap between circles (e.g. individuals who all work at the same agency or department). Do you know people from the same place?

Note: For people with overlap, you may want to consider reaching out to the person with the most contacts to avoid disseminating to the same audiences and venues.