Think Outside the Box

When thinking of people or groups who you think may be interested in learning about, often we think of only older adults over the age of 65. However, others have found that it is important to “think outside the box” and tap into other groups that one might not think of right away.

Below are some ideas on WHO to target to successfully share & disseminate to a wide variety of audiences:

  • can apply to people of all ages, not just those 65+. It is never too early to plan and start these discussions:
    • Caregivers
    • Children of older adults
    • Middle-aged adults
    • Retirees
  • Tap into pre-developed programming, groups. could potentially be paired with some of these already-established groups and meetings:
    • Adult wellness centers
    • Caregiver support groups
    • Chronic disease self-management classes
    • Church groups
    • Computer classes for older adults
    • Employee wellness seminars
    • Libraries
    • Meal sites, voucher programs
    • Senior Centers
  • Groups that work with these populations:
    • AARP –
    • Elder law attorneys
    • Extension office
    • Family practice, geriatrics clinics
    • Financial planners
    • Insurance companies, long-term planning groups
    • Retirement groups
    • Social workers
    • Volunteer programs